Record rainfall in Sydney - March 2021

Our resilient course has once again survived a major rain storm with little damage.

The typical water prone areas, including the 1st and 3rd greens, 5th fairway and 8th approach to green are waterlogged, but should drain and dry out quickly once the rain stops falling Tuesday evening.  No major trees or branches have fallen.

As further heavy rains are forecast for Monday and Tuesday, possibly another 60mm+, the course will remain closed on those days and no competitions will take place on Tuesday or Wednesday.

The course may reopen for social play on Wednesday, for walkers only, however the greens staff will not have sufficient time on Wednesday morning to clear the debris and get the course and greens ready for competitive golf.

The persistent rain means the course and greens have not been cut for almost a week and this presents one of our biggest challenges when the rain stops.  The rough is enjoying the rain and already at ankle length but the course is too soggy to use our machinery.

With warm weather forecast for Wednesday and Thursday, the rough will continue to grow quickly.

When the course reopens, it will initially be for walkers only.  We will continue to monitor the course and advise Members ASAP once carts are allowed back on the course.

22 March 2021