Rules of Play

The rules of play are defined in the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews Rules of Golf Book, effective at the current revisions.

Course markers

All course markers are measured to the centre of the greens.  

Yellow + 100m; Red = 150m and White = 200m.  Distances are also indicated on most fairway sprinkler heads.

Permanent local rules

Permanent local rules of Cammeray Golf Club are shown on the scorecard.

Temporary local rules

If any are in effect, Temporary Local Rules will be shown on the notice board near the Pro Shop; and/or the Club notice board; and/or the competition sheet of the day and/or the scorecard relevant to the competition.

All Members are to acquaint themselves with the Rules of Golf and general points of etiquette.  Copies of the Rules of Golf are available from the General Manager.

Course management

To support the efforts of the Course Superintendent’s investment in the grooming and maintenance of the course, Members are required to carry a sand bucket and a pitch repairer at all times whilst playing on the course.  Members must ensure that they and all persons in their playing group repair any divots taken on the course and any pitch marks other than their own that they find whilst playing on the course.  An excessive number of practice swings, which cause damage to the tees, is to be avoided.

Method of play - Ambrose

Each team selects a captain who will decide on the order of play.  Each player tees off and the captain selects one ball for the next shot.  The player of the ball selected will mark the position of their ball and play last.  The players, playing in order, will place their ball within one club length when on the fairway or drop within one club length when in the rough (including bunkers) and place their ball within 15cm when on the putting surface of the green, until the hole is completed.  Unless otherwise indicated, each player must take 3 tee shots in a 4B team, 4 tee shots in a 3B team or 6 tee shots in a 2B team.

Qualifying rounds

Players who wish to be considered for events that have qualifying rounds, must clearly mark their qualifying rounds’ score cards with the letter “Q” or the word “Qualifying”.  It is the players responsibility to ensure this is done.

Players who indicate that they wish to qualify for such events should ensure that they are, except in unforeseen circumstances, available to play in all the following rounds.  Failure to adhere to this requirement may result in the player being unable to enter future events.

Method of play - 4 Ball match play

To obtain the appropriate handicaps for the match, reduce the stroke play handicaps of all players by the handicap of the lowest handicapped player, who will play off scratch.

Each of the three other players then play off the resulting calculated handicaps.  Strokes are allocated in accordance with the Match Play Index.

For example – A’s handicap is 10, B’s handicap is 22, C’s handicap is 15 and D’s handicap is 11.

Player A would play off scratch, B of 12, C off 5 and D off 1.  Player B would get strokes at holes indicated 1 to 12 on the match play index.  Player C would get strokes at holes indicated 1 to 5 on the match play index.  Player D would get 1 stroke at the hole indicated 1 on the match play index.

When only one player represents a side, and if the absent player is the lowest handicapped player of the match, the handicap of the absent player shall be used when adjusting handicaps.

Conditions of match play events

The honour at the 1st tee shall be in accordance with Rule 6.4(a) of the Rules of Golf or, in the absence of a draw, by lot.  All matches are to be played (and decided) on the day designated by the Match & Greens Committee.  In extraordinary circumstances only, the Captain (or in the absence of the Captain, the designated Member of the Match & Greens Committee) may consider varying this requirement.

Matches all square at the 18th or 36th hole as applicable, shall continue until a hole is won by either player or team, and where applicable, handicaps for the extra holes shall be taken as for the first 18 holes.

Automatic draw for match play events