Match requirements

Golf etiquette is for the consideration of other players.  Players should ensure, through good manners and common sense, that their conduct does not upset their, or others, enjoyment of the game.  On a course like Cammeray, players can do a lot in the interest of etiquette and avoiding slow play by following these simple rules.

  • Avoid slow play at all times by walking quickly between shots and being read to play without delay.  Please refrain from continuing conversation when addressing the ball.
  • Avoid leaving bags and buggies in front of the green.  Players should keep their bag and buggies as near as practicable, avoiding the need to go out of the way to retrieve them.
  • Do not cause a break in the field when stopping between nines.
  • Call following players through, immediately a ball is considered lost, or whilst looking for a lost ball.
  • Leave the green before marking cards.
  • Pick up the ball immediately the hole is lost in Par or Stableford competitions.
  • Be prepared to start play five minutes before called to the tee by the starter.  The 1st and 10th tees shall be occupied at all times during a competition until the last group has hit off the 10th.
  • Do not risk a penalty for slow play.  Keep up with the group in front, not just in front of the group behind.
  • Do not move, talk or stand close to or directly behind the ball or the hole, when a player is addressing a ball or making a stroke.
  • Players should not play until the players in front are out of range.
  • Players must smooth out ALL damage in the bunkers with the rakes provided after playing their shot and replace the rakes in the bunkers with the handle pointing in the direction of the tee.
  • Please replace or repair all divots after playing a shot.
  • Please repair pitch marks in the green.
  • Players should avoid damaging the greens and surrounds by keeping motorised carts well away from greens, not dropping bags or the flag stick on the green, not damaging the hole or the green near the hole and in particular, by not standing too close to the hole when retrieving the ball.
  • The lowest marker in each group assumes responsibility for the conduct of the group and its speed of place.  All players are expected to comply with the pace of play guidelines.  PLAY READY GOLF!
  • Players should not practice golf on the course except in designated practice areas, such as, the practice putting green, the area to the right of the Public Tee on the 1st, the temporary hole where rope defines practice area when out of play or any other hole on the course defined as out of play during a competition.
  • Playing two or more balls concurrently on the course is prohibited.

Marking of cards

If Members are not sure how to score a competition, they should confirm the rules with a Member of the Match & Greens Committee before handing in the card.  It is the duty of the marker to observe a competitors number of strokes and to correctly and clearly mark the cards.

Only handicapped Members of recognised Golf Clubs are eligible to mark competition cards and cards submitted for handicap purposes.  It is a recommendation, to avoid error, that score cards be recorded after completion of each hole at the next tee.

The player should ensure that their Club Membership Number, date and current handicap is correctly shown on the card and should check the marker’s recording and addition before countersigning it.  An incorrectly marked card may cause a player to be disqualified.

All competition cards, whether complete or incomplete, must be placed in the Scorecard Box.  No person other than a member of the Match & Greens Committee or designated officer of the Club shall open the Scorecard Box.

In a Four-Ball event, allocate each member of a pair to a column on the card, with their initials shown in the space provided.

In an Ambrose event, it is desirable but not essential, that each member of the team be responsible for verifying the scores and signing the card.

Cards for 2BBB and/or 4BBB must be signed by both Players as well as the Marker.