Key Benefits of Membership

  • Joining Cammeray enables you to make many new friends and acquaintances that you wouldn't normally by participating in the club's organised golf and social events.
  • Cammeray also has a number of reciprocal clubs where you can enjoy the normal local membership privileges for short periods.
  • Joining the club means that you can gain an official GA handicap that enables you to play in club competitions at Cammeray and open competitions at many other golf clubs throughout Australia for only the cost of a competition fee.
  • Membership means you can play at any time outside of competition times for only a nominal $7 green fee.
  • When you join you receive a  $100 credit, that can be used at the club bar or with the caterer. Present you golf link card to the staff.
  • The Current year's membership categories and fees can be found by clicking the 'Membership Fees' button to the right.


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