A flexible approach to learning or improving your golf.

Step 1: Set up an appointment with one of our experienced Pros for an assessment of which lesson package will be appropriate for you - starting from scratch or a refresher course after an absence from playing and agree to a timetable for your lessons. If the Pro determines that a group clinic is appropriate for you, you may need to be put on a waiting list until there are enough players to complete a group.

Step 2: When you and your Pro decide that you are ready for practice golf on the course, it is recommended that you join the Cammeray Crackers practice golf sessions. Contact the Cammeray Golf Club office (details below) and one of the staff will ask the program co-ordinator to get in touch with you. Typically, arrangements for practice sessions are: Weekly practice of 9 holes available on weekdays and weekends for up to 15 weeks for beginners. You will be accompanied by experienced club members-generally ratio of one buddy to two players - in their role of buddy, they provide information about the course, etiquette, rules and scoring; they are not expected to coach you.

Step 3: Practice in small group information sessions to build up your confidence about the rules, etiquette and scoring.

Step 4: Generally towards the end of your practice weeks, if you are interested in playing competition golf, ask your buddy to arrange games to be scored for handicap purposes. At this stage, a requirement of Golf Australia is that you will need to be a member of a club. One of the buddies or the coordinator will be able to give you details about the options available at Cammeray.

If at the end of the program you propose playing social golf rather than in competitions, then no further action is required. Deatils about social golf playing days/times and costs are avaialble on our website. If you wish to play at the weekend, simply contact the Pro Shop and they will give you a tee time.

Costs: Costs for private lessons or group clinics will be as agreed with yourself and the Pro. The cost of the Cammeray Crackers program is $150 for beginners payable on commencement. You will pay $15 for each practice session with a buddy and $7 if you play privately at times set aside for social play. The normal rate for social players for 9 holes is $27 during the week and $29 at the weekend.

Cammeray Crackers members are entitled to the same discounts at the bar as full playing members.


Click here to download a Cammeray Crackers Membership Application form Cammeray Crackers Application Form and send it to,  mail it to Cammeray Golf Club, Park Avenue, Cremorne, NSW 2090 or give it to a member of the office or pro shop teams.